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Making it Work Again! - Recycled Insulation

Making it Work Again! - Recycled Insulation

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October 15, 2007

Recycled insulation is becoming more popular, and more necessary, every day.  This type of insulation provides two major advantages over traditional insulation.  First, recycled insulation is environmentally friendly since it re-uses material that would have ended up in a landfill.  Second, it creates a safer environment wherever it's used.  There are several kinds of recycled insulation products currently used though research continues and new products are expected over time.

Fiberglass insulation has been used for many years in homes, but technology is improving the old standard.  Fiberglass is made by melting minerals and sand, and then spinning them into strands.  The strands are then held together with binders.  Researchers have been working on new versions of fiberglass insulation by primarily using recycled materials.  The newer fiberglass insulation doesn't require binders made from formaldehyde which improves home air quality and installer safety. 

Recycled Insulation

Another type of popular recycled insulation is cellulose insulation.  Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper.  People who are highly sensitive to ink should not install this kind of insulation because of the newspaper print.  You can install a barrier between the insulation and the wall, but this will also increase the cost of the job of course.  There is ongoing research to develop a cellulose insulation with literally releases nothing into the air from the ink for environmental protection.

Science is always working to improve products by recycling materials.  As a result, there are many different types of recycled insulation showing up in the marketplace.  For example, you can purchase denim insulation made from pieces of fiber or cloth that's treated with a fire retardant.  Using recycled cotton fibers is one of the latest insulation trends.

Recycled insulation is being developed in order to make your home air cleaner, installation safer and the environment more energy efficient.    In older homes, the insulation has often degraded to the point where it's not really providing any R-value anymore.  Insulation will collapse or compress after a while.  This is true for blown in insulation or batts.  You can replace your old insulation with one of the new recycled insulation products and breathe easier.

If you are interested in fiberglass alternatives, the insulations made with recycled materials are ideal.  You contribute to the environment by using a product that puts industrial waste to good use.  This reduces the amount of waste and saves energy.  The health benefits include cleaner air, fewer skin irritations and easier handling. 

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