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Using Pressed Beadboard Panels in Your Home

Using Pressed Beadboard Panels in Your Home

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April 17, 2008

Beadboard is a wonderful thing to use in a home to add some character to plain, boring walls.  It can also be used to hide damaged walls or walls that are just old and "beaten up".  Whatever your reason for using it, beadboard is a nice addition to almost any room and is fairly simple to install for a homeowner of any experience level.  The most important things to remember are that you have the right tools for the job, and that you know what type of beadboard you want to use: wooden beadboard panels, strips, wallpaper, or pressed beadboard.

Pressed beadboard is one of the less commonly used types of beadboard.  Many people say that it is easier to use than regular wooden beadboard that comes on panels or strips because you do not need to use a miter saw and jigsaw to cut the beadboard.  Instead, pressed beadboard can often be cut with a knife.  Though it is not as easily cut as the wallpaper type of beadboard, it is still much easier than the wooden type. 

Pressed Beadboard

Pressed beadboard is also thinner than wooden beadboard.  This can make it lighter and easier to install.  In fact, most home owners find that pressed beadboard goes up in about half the time it takes to put up other types of beadboard.  This, however, does not include the painting time.  Pressed beadboard still needs to be painted to look nice, as is true with wooden beadboard. 

One of the possible time constraints about using pressed beadboard is the necessity of removing the baseboards and then replacing the baseboards to properly install the beadboard.  With wooden beadboard, you must also remove and replace baseboards, but this is not necessary when you are using the wallpaper type of beadboard.  This is just something to consider when you are choosing your type of materials for the project.  Also, if you want your pressed beadboard to go higher than four feet from the floor, you may be better off with wallpaper beadboard, since pressed beadboard only comes in four foot sheets.

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