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Preparing Your Yard for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Preparing Your Yard for Above Ground Swimming Pools

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July 19, 2007

Above ground swimming pools are a simple way to add a pool to your home without a lot of cost or installation.  To make sure that the pool is secure, however, you will need to prepare your yard in advance of the construction.  As a homeowner, there are several small steps that you can take to help speed up the process and start swimming soon.

When you consider the bottoms of above ground swimming pools, you can understand why a flat surface is the best possible location for the pool's installation.  The thin materials at the bottom of the pool can become cracked or warped easily resulting in slow drains and bigger damage spots.  To prevent this, you can help to level the location on your lawn by raking it out with a simple dirt rake.  This process can be made even easier by moistening the ground beforehand and simply raking the dirt to evenness.    You can measure your progress by using an ordinary builder's level throughout the area, adjusting the dirt as needed.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

While you are raking the ground even, you will also want to be looking for any pointed obstacles.  If you live in a rocky region, you will want to remove any larger stones that might cause problems once above ground swimming pools are installed.  Try to remove as much of these rocks and stones as possible.  If you find a larger stone in the ground, you will want to call out a professional to remove it or perhaps simply move the location of your pool to another spot in your yard.

If you live on a slanted property, the idea of leveling becomes all the more important.  To help correct a slant that might interfere with above ground swimming pools, you might need to add new dirt to help even things out.  Talk to your local landscaping companies for help in finishing this project.  They often have to level a lawn in order to place certain features.

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