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How To Prepare Your Windows for Winter

How To Prepare Your Windows for Winter

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October 18, 2007

Did you know that even a closed and well-maintained window could still cost you money on your utility bill?  It's true! Hot air moves toward cold air and that is the primary reason widows lose air even when closed.  A way to solve this problem is to install window insulation coverings that keep hot air out in the summer and inside during the winter.

Window insulation coverings simply assist in keeping windows from allowing heat to move into or out of your home, depending on the season and are a good way to prepare your windows for winter.  Glass conducts heat very well, so the heat inside or outside of your home will slowly seep through the window if not stopped.   Window insulation coverings create a barrier between the indoor air and the window, which stops heat from leaking through.

There are many window insulation-covering options available including curtains, shades, shutters, plastic sheets, or storm windows.  Stick with the curtains or shades if style and good looks are a primary concern, but if conservation is your primary goal look into plastic coverings or storm windows.  It does not matter which option you chose, all of them reflect heat or cold and save you money on your utility bill.

Prepare Your Windows for Winter  

Step one in deciding which option to chose is simply a matter of individual preference.  If you don't mind regularly washing curtains then you can simply purchase and install them in your home.  They require very few tools, and can match any home's color scheme.  If you're looking for less maintenance, check out shades or shutters as an option.  They are not much harder to install than curtains and require little more than a damp cloth to wipe off.

Framed inserts or storm windows offer more insulation and can be taken in and out of your windows as necessary.   You can make framed inserts by attaching sheets of plastic to a wooden frame, or you can have custom-built window insulation coverings made that fit the measurements of your windows exactly to prepare your windows for winter.

Let's face it, energy costs are going nowhere but up.  You can just accept the increased cost, or you can take a few simple steps around your house to conserve as much energy as you can.  Window insulation coverings are an easy step you can take that requires very little time or money to install compared to the energy savings they will generate.

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