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Prefabricated Patio Enclosures ? Just Follow the Directions

Prefabricated Patio Enclosures ? Just Follow the Directions

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December 19, 2007

Prefabricated patio enclosures are kits.  Do you remember your childhood days when you opened the model box and all the pieces were included?  You just had to read the directions and assemble the pieces!  That's exactly the principle behind prefabricated patio enclosures.  They are ideal for the weekend remodeler who wants to build his or her own enclosed patio, but doesn't know how to build from scratch.  But you can also hire a contractor who will install a prefabricated patio enclosure if you prefer to let a professional do the work.

There are lots of advantages to using prefabricated enclosures:

• Cost up to 1/3 less than custom build enclosures
• Easy to install
• Available in a wide choice of styles and materials to fit every budget
• Installed quicker than custom building an enclosed patio
• Converts open space to year round use

Prefabricated Patio Enclosures

Prefabricated patio enclosures can create a patio room where none exists or can enclose an open patio.  The prefabricated enclosures are designed to be assembled in units that lock together like a big jigsaw puzzle.  For example, if you have a patio and want to enclose it in windows, the prefabricated window units will snap together until the area is fully enclosed.  You can choose screened panels, or screened window units.

But prefabricated units also have other advantages.  When you enclose your patio with window units, you can use the area year round.  Many prefabricated patio enclosures can also include ventilation systems which keep the room from getting too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.  The windows give a "patio feel" to the room, but now you have control over the weather.

Prefabricated patio enclosures can be used on patios, decks and porches.  They can be ordered in materials that coordinate with your house style and colors.  You can choose from a variety of windows, doors, sunroofs and many other features that can be included in a prefabricated unit.  When you hire a contractor you'll discover the prefabricated units offer almost as much variability as custom built enclosures, but for a lot less money.

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