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What You Should Know about a Post and Beam Sunroom Addition

What You Should Know about a Post and Beam Sunroom Addition

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April 23, 2008

There are some designs that just can't be improved upon. These classic structures keep making appearances and weather well for years and years.  For example, let's say you have decided to add a sunroom addition to your house.  It's likely you will find that the post and beam sunroom addition technique is going to be the best bet in terms of solid structure and durability.  This post and beam technique has been used for centuries both for residential houses and additions.

You could go about having a sunroom addition done using a pre made structure from one of the fine companies in that kind of business. However, if you are thinking about doing it your way, there are a lot of advantages to going with the post and beam style.  The most important one being how strong and long lasting this form of construction is.  With the most durable woods available supporting your new structure, you can rest easy knowing it will hold up for your great-grandchildren to enjoy it.

Post and Beam Sunroom Addition

Even though the post and beam type of structures date back hundreds of years, it doesn't mean they are inconvenient to build or to maintain.  You also won't have to be concerned about any lack of modern convenience when using the sunroom.  You could also choose to leave the natural timbers exposed, creating an elegant, yet earthy, look that is especially appropriate for a room that is somewhere between the inside of the house and the backyard.

There is very little doubt that you will be most pleased with your post and beam sunroom addition.  Whether you choose to construct it yourself or hire a reliable contractor to take care of things for you, this type of sunroom is sure to give your family all the enjoyment you could hope for out of your investment. 

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