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Porch Railings and Columns Add Sophistication to a House

Porch Railings and Columns Add Sophistication to a House

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November 2, 2007

It's hard not to admire a house that has well placed porch railings and columns.  They add so much style and curb appeal to a home. The column and railings are finishing details that enhance the look of the house itself.  The columns can be decorative or structural, but either way they add sophistication and sometimes even glamour. Think about the houses you see in magazines that belong to the famous and wealthy. They almost always have columns in the front, and there's a reason - matching columns and railings can be simply beautiful.

House columns can either be structural or decorative.  When they're structural, the columns are actually supporting the house structure such as a roof or second story.  Decorative columns are simply added for looks.  You can remove the decorative columns without weakening the home's structure.  Naturally, the structural columns will be built to carry a load, which means they are engineered to support weight.

Porch Railings and Columns

Columns are designed in a variety of styles.  The most common styles are straight or tapering columns and smooth or fluted columns.  Columns are made fully round to stand out from the house, or they are cut in half to be installed flush with a house wall.  Columns are also made out of a variety of materials:

• Polymer resins
• Fiberglass
• Wood
• Cement
• Composites
• Fiberglass and gypsum or cement
• Vinyl

Railings that match the columns in style and color add a finishing touch to the porch or steps.   Most porch railings and columns are made today for easy maintenance requiring only periodic cleaning.  Vinyl can mildew if you live in a humid climate, but can be washed with bleach and water just like you do vinyl siding.  Wood columns and railing will have to be cleaned painted regularly.

Porch railings and columns can be retrofitted to a house or included in new construction.    Some people keep the column and railings the same color such as white.  Other people may have white balusters and white columns and paint the railing a different color.  You can use your decorative abilities and add sophisticated styling to your house.  Railing can surround the porch and go down front steps also.

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