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Pebble Driveway Edging ? Easy Walking

Pebble Driveway Edging ? Easy Walking

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December 21, 2007

Pebble paths have been used for centuries in gardens and around homes.  The pebbles are easy to walk on and low maintenance.  With the advent of driveways, people began adding walking paths along the edge of the driveways leading to front doors or other yard areas.  Pebble driveway edging is ideal for creating areas for walking.

Pebble driveway edging can serve two purposes.  First, the pebble edging can be an attractive walkway that leads people to doorways, decks or other areas of the yard.  Second, pebble driveway edging creates a barrier between the lawn and the driveway.

Pebble Driveway Edging

Grass seems to grow anywhere and many varieties put out long runners that can creep over sidewalks and driveways.  Pebble edging, if deep enough, forms a boundary between the grass and the driveway.  Landscape pebbles come in a variety of sizes and colors which means you can choose the pebble style that accents the driveway, house and landscaping.   With pebble edging you will have to install a retaining border on the opposite side from the driveway edge also to keep the pebbles in place.

Pebble driveway edging is low maintenance.   It will move around the more it's walked on, so you'll have to periodically rake the pebbles to smooth them out.  Other than that chore, there's very little maintenance required.   You can tie your driveway path to other paths in the yard creating a unified appearance.

Creating the pebble driveway edging is easy.  You only need whatever you will use for the far edge boundary, some base material and your pebbles.  You simply dig a 6 inch trench, lay ¾ inch base material and lay the pebbles on top of the base material.  There are some pebble paths that are strictly pebbles, which can be done if the ground is firm enough.

Pebble paths or pebble driveway edging is very attractive and durable.  It can survive all kinds of weather intact.  Unlike paving stones, pebbles don't freeze and break or experience water damage.  With the choice of colors available, you can coordinate the pebble driveway edging with your house color.  For the far border edging to keep pebbles in place, you can use any of the edging choices available such as railroad ties, PVC, weathered wood, bricks or stone. 

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