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Painting and Glazing Cabinets: Color Ideas You Can Use

Painting and Glazing Cabinets: Color Ideas You Can Use

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January 4, 2008

When you are trying to create a new look for your home, you might want to start with painting and glazing cabinets.  Color ideas abound for this project, helping you easily match any existing color scheme or try something completely different.  If you are looking into painting and glazing cabinets, color ideas can be narrowed into several categories - each with its own benefits and advantages.  Here's what you should keep in mind as you begin this type of project:

Much of the painting and glazing cabinets, color ideas, and other design decisions will need to begin with the things you already have in place.  For example, if you have black or dark color cabinets, you can't simply change them into white cabinets - well, you can, but you will need to do more work in order to have the finished project.  Think about what you already have as a part of your kitchen and what colors you've already enjoyed adding to your home.  This will help you narrow the field.

Painting and Glazing Cabinets

There are differences between painting and glazing that you should keep in mind.  Painting is more of a 'covering' process in which any original colors or images are obscured by a thicker layer of paint.  But in the glazing process, you are using a thin coat of color to accent what is already in place.  Subtle is a good word that accurately describes glazing - and this can be effective in smaller kitchens and designs that don't require a lot of color.

When painting and glazing cabinets, color ideas are only the beginning.  You will also want to take into account the process you will need to follow.  Painting and glazing can be pretty straightforward, but if you choose any paints that require a base coat or a top coat, that project will take a bit more time to complete. 

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