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Keeping it Clean- Painting a Sealed Concrete Ceiling

Keeping it Clean- Painting a Sealed Concrete Ceiling

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October 31, 2007

Painting a sealed concrete ceiling can completely change the personality of any room.  It's really not much different than painting a concrete floor, except for one factor - it's more difficult to reach.  Painting any ceiling can be a real chore, but there are some guidelines you can follow that will make the job a lot easier and cleaner.

Painting a sealed concrete ceiling is really the same as painting a sealed concrete floor.  First you need to determine if the sealing compound is still viable.  If it isn't, then you might have to blast the ceiling first and then reseal it with a concrete sealer.  Once the sealer dries completely, you can paint the ceiling.  If the sealer just needs refreshing, you can apply another coat of sealer and then paint   If the ceiling is bare concrete, then you'll have to etch the concrete, seal it and then paint it with concrete paint. 

Painting a Sealed Concrete Ceiling

It is recommended that you use epoxy paint on concrete.  Epoxy paint is specially formulated so that it adheres to concrete and it dries hard. That makes it less likely to be scratched or chipped, even though that's normally not a problem with a ceiling. Epoxy paint has another important characteristic.  It fills in cracks and chips in the concrete.  Concrete paint comes in a variety of colors so you can enhance the attractiveness of any room with a concrete ceiling.

Concrete ceiling painting is usually done for basement rooms in residential buildings and warehouse or commercial buildings.  Using white paint opens up the room making it appear lighter and airier than it would appear otherwise.  A darker color will darken the overall room of course, but it will also hide room flaws which can be useful in a basement room. 

One technique experienced painters use to make the job easier is to seal the concrete floor, paint the ceiling and then paint the floor.  If you paint the floor first you'll probably get paint on the floor while painting the ceiling.  You can seal the floor, cover it and then roll or spray paint the ceiling.  Some homeowners don't like using paint sprayers because of the paint mist that will pervade the room.

The hardest part of painting a sealed concrete ceiling is reaching the ceiling.  If you use a roller brush, it requires holding your arms up for extended periods of time.  If you spray paint, make sure you use the right kind of nozzle so you don't spend your time continually clearing clogged paint.

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