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The Elegance of Painting Trim and Chair Rail

The Elegance of Painting Trim and Chair Rail

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July 2, 2008

It's pretty much ingrained in most people that a little bit of paint and work can transform just about any aspect of your house into a show piece.  That might be pushing a bit, but when it comes to painting trim and chair rail, you can have some very talented people make this feature of your home pop.  While you do want to leave the hard part up to the professionals, it never hurts to have some ideas and information of your own.  After all, you are going to be the one who has to live with the results.  Take a look at some of the basics for painting the chair rail and trim in your house.

If your trim and chair rail has been there for awhile, it's time to figure out what the molding is made from.  Wood, plaster, and composite materials all have to be treated differently in order to have the finish you want.  In some cases, especially with old plaster trim, you might have to hire someone to make some repairs to the plaster before it can be painted.  If you are starting from scratch with your trim, wood, composite materials, and even some plastic products are popular.

Painting Trim and Chair Rail

Unless you hire an interior designer, your contractor isn't going to pick out colors for you, though you can certainly ask for his or her opinion. It's up to you to take the rest of the room's décor and your personal tastes into consideration.  Your choices are only limited by the number of colors of paint you can find.  Some people like to leave the wood trim and chair rail wood colored with a sealer or slightly colored stain.  This looks great with earth tone painted walls.

Painting trim and chair rail is one of those little details that can add a lot to the home's look and feel.  This method of finishing molding is very elegant in a dining room.  It can also add visual interests in other rooms in the house like the bedrooms for example. 

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