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Techniques for Painting Stone Basement Walls

Techniques for Painting Stone Basement Walls

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October 11, 2007

There is a grace and charm in older homes that simply can't be found in the newer models of today.  However with all of the beauty and whimsy often come stone basement walls.  It was customary to use stone in place of block or concrete in earlier times because it was easy to find and inexpensive.  Unfortunately with the rustic charm of stone you may have a need of painting stone basement walls to enhance their appearance.  You can find plenty of information about maintaining a modern home, but sometimes info on older homes can seem to be lacking.  If your stone basement walls are causing you concern read on for some ideas that may help.

Many people don't notice the basement walls much until they are in need of some cosmetic work.  When it comes to painting stone basement walls, you can be sure you will need to invest a little more work into the project than if you were simply painting brick or concrete block walls.  Lots of homeowners like to use a roller to apply paint to walls.  With stone walls, a roller really isn't an option, as it can't get into the nooks and crannies that naturally appear in the stone.  One option is to brush the water proofing paint on with a brush.  That way you can get into the various patterns and designs easily.

Painting Stone Basement Walls

If you didn't want to spend quite that much time painting stone basement walls, another faster option for applying the paint is a paint sprayer.  It will be necessary for you to practice with the sprayer if you are new to the technique.  Naturally you will have to protect the space above the wall from the paint, but the range of the sprayer will dictate just how far up you need to go to minimize paint splatter on the other surfaces.

Painting stone basement walls can enhance the appearance of your house and help to provide some water protection in older homes.  While the methods may be more time consuming than other projects, the effects of a job well done will last for many years to come.  The important thing is you took an important step in preserving the beauty of your older home.

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