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Add a Splash of Color to Your Life: Painting Concrete Walls of the Basement

Add a Splash of Color to Your Life: Painting Concrete Walls of the Basement

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April 13, 2006

Change Up the Look of Your Basement Walls With Long-lasting, Stylish Color

No matter what functions your basement serves, storage, playroom, family room, home office, no one wants to be constantly surrounded by dull gray walls. If you feel like your basement seems cold, tired, and less than inviting, maybe it's time to spice things up by painting the concrete walls of your basement. Painting concrete walls can give your basement an inviting warmth that it's currently lacking. Follow the simple tips below to get the look you want and the long-lasting durability you require.

Many people think painting concrete walls of the basement is done only as a way to protect against water, spores, bacteria, and mold. Those are great incentives to get the job done, but you can also add a splash of style. When painting why not paint new coordinating trim and wall colors, or add interesting sponge painting or stenciling details to portions of the walls. These touches can add style and reflect your personality.

Preparation for Painting Concrete Basement Walls

Before you dive headfirst into painting your basement walls, make sure you have done all your prep work. To ensure your painting has the end results you want, you must be sure your basement walls are free of problem areas that could hinder your painting. Moisture is a common problem on basement walls, and can cause your paint to not dry or set correctly. It's important to find the source of any moisture and correct the problem. If you have any deteriorating areas on your walls be sure to repair or replace them before painting.

Once any problem areas have been addressed, you next need to clean the area. Cleaning with trisodium phosphate is recommended. This will assure removal of most types of dirt, grime, and grease. Trisodium phosphate cleaning solutions are available at most home improvement centers. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions. When the walls have been cleaned, you may also want to apply waterproofing before you begin painting concrete walls.

Choosing Your Paint Color

The next step is to choose your paint. It is best to use masonry paints when painting concrete walls of the basement. This type of paint has been specifically designed with the features necessary to assure good adhesion, ability to breathe, and durability.

There are many colors and variations of masonry paint form which to make your selections. Don't be afraid to be a little bold with your paint choices. After all, your paint color is supposed to reflect your personality and make a statement. Your local paint store or home improvement center can help you choose the colors and painting method to make sure your vision becomes reality.

Ready, Set, Paint!

Once you've chosen the paint, let the work begin. Be sure to tape or protect areas where you don't want paint. You will most likely want to brush paint for best coverage. While you can choose to spray paint, keep in mind that spraying methods produce a fine film of paint that will go everywhere in the room. It can be very difficult to protect all areas you don't want painted using this method.

Are you ready to add a whole new color scheme into your life? Receive free estimates on your painting project and find a local contractor to turn your dream into a reality. For more ideas on interior and exterior painting check out our other home remodeling resources

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