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Basment Finishing: Painting Concrete Basement Walls

Basment Finishing: Painting Concrete Basement Walls

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May 4, 2006

Add Colorful Spice to Your Basement

Painting concrete basement walls is a quick inexpensive way to change your lower atmosphere from dull and dingy to inviting and spicy. Even though the space is the same you'll be amazed at how much more lively the area becomes once it has been painted. One especially good way to create your own unique results is to create a theme and use multiple colors instead of just one basic color.

Think about what your basement is or will be used for and go from there. If your basement is used as a play area then why not paint checkerboards or sports related drawings. Or even a sports room for the guys is an extremely fun way for painting concrete basement walls. In this case, you can integrate all the favorite teams or just stick with a personal favorite as the theme to use.

However you plan, painting concrete basement walls will take some time and preparation. Since some basements draw moisture, this needs to be evaluated before painting. If your basement does have moisture problem try to find the cause, and fix it to ensure a good and lasting paint job. Otherwise the results could be peeling, cracking paint, and potential problems with mold.

Painting Concrete Basement Walls

Before you actually begin to paint, there are a few steps to take. The walls must be clean and clear from any debris. Also, it is recommended that you perform a technique called acid etching before painting concrete basement walls. If you're painting concrete basement walls that already have been painted, you won't have to do the acid etching, unless there are bare or peeling spots in the old paint.

When preparing your solution for acid etching you must follow the directions precisely. The acid can be caustic, so make sure to wear protective gloves and other gear. In order for the paint to adhere, the powder must be completely removed. By following the etching directions correctly, your canvas should be the texture of number one or number two sandpaper. When the concrete is chemically neutral and dry, you can begin work on painting concrete basement walls and make sure there is proper ventilation for the paint fumes. Opening windows and doors near the area will help tremendously. Hooking up a fan if you have one is another great idea.

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