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Paint Over Torn Sheetrock ? What Tear?

Paint Over Torn Sheetrock ? What Tear?

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March 14, 2008

When you need to paint over torn sheetrock, the tear must first be repaired of course.  Sheetrock is made out of gypsum encased in paper to hold it all together.  Anything made out of paper can be torn which means the sheetrock and the paint must be fixed.  The size of the tear determines the extent of the repair, but after it's fixed you should not be able to tell the sheetrock was ever torn.

Tears in sheetrock can occur for several reasons.  Sometimes the sheetrock itself is defective and the defect doesn't show up for while.  Sheetrock can also be torn by accident such as something scraping the wall.  In addition, sheetrock can be poked and punched which means the tear also affects the underlying gypsum.

Paint Over Torn Sheetrock

Using methods to paint over torn sheetrock is really an art form in many respects.  It's like the artists that try to repair paintings in a way that no one can tell anything was ever wrong.  Sheetrock must be repaired so that it looks like new again once it's painted.  That means no loose tape or dents or bumps should show after painting.

If the tear is large enough, it might be necessary to have a contractor cut a piece of sheetrock out of the wall and replace it with a new piece.  In that case, the sheetrock is taped, mudded and sanded in the same way new sheetrock is handled.  But in many tears there's no reason to cut out any sheetrock, because the wall can be repaired with some compound and sanding.

Most homeowners hire a remodeller to repair torn sheetrock and re-paint the wall.  The reason is because a poor patch job will be very noticeable even after painting.  The torn paper must be cut and the repair compound applied in a way that hides the paper edges.  Then the compound must be perfectly sanded in order to make it unnoticeable with the rest of the sheetrock piece.  After the compound has been applied and sanded, a latex primer is applied followed by the two coats of paint. 

Doing the job right is important, because you don't want a repair to be obvious on an interior wall.  If the tear is not fixed right, the paint won't look right either and this is where a painting contractor can come in very handy.

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