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Outdoor Porch Carpet

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October 18, 2006

Outdoor Porch Carpet

Outdoor porch carpet is a great solution for making your porch or deck more comfortable to walk on. If you have a plain concrete porch or a deck that leaves you prone to splinters, indoor/outdoor carpet may be a great solution for your home or cabin.

It used to be that the generic outdoor porch carpet product was only available in green or brown and looked dirty, damp, old and rotten. Many resale homeowners have ripped out old outdoor rugs and thrown them out. But the newer products on the market are much more water, mildew and rot resistant and are available in a wide array of color choices and styles. Installing this carpeting can be done in a day and is an inexpensive way to cover concrete or wood. With adhesives or waterproof double-sided tape, you can lay the out door porch carpeting and give your porch or deck a whole new look.

Outdoor Porch Carpet

To install your outdoor porch carpet, you"ll need a few basic tools such as a sharp box cutter or Exacto- Knife, tape measure and straight edge for cutting, scissors, adhesive and if possible a carpet roller. To choose the right kind of outdoor porch carpet, determine how much exposure, traffic and moisture you expect the area to get. There are varieties available for full exposure and more economical types for covered porches or deck areas.

You can buy outdoor porch carpet to cover unsightly areas or to brighten up a dull and boring looking porch or deck with many vibrant colors and patterns. Consider using outdoor porch carpet that matches your shutters or doors for extra color coordination.

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