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Types of Outdoor Floor Covering

Types of Outdoor Floor Covering

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July 2, 2008

When warmer weather hits it's only natural to start thinking about your outdoor entertaining areas and if they are up to your high standards.  It doesn't matter if you have a pool, a hot tub, or just have the best yard in the neighborhood; you want your outdoor living areas to be perfect.  That means doing some thinking about your outdoor floor covering.  There are as many options as there are styles of lawn furniture.  Your budget, personal taste, and the use of the outdoor floor will have a lot to do with the kind of floor covering you need.  Grab your contractor, go look at the area, and get ready to make some huge decisions.

Outdoor Floor Covering

When most people think about outdoor floor covering, the first product that probably comes to mind is green, artificial turf.  They do still make that stuff and manufacturers have tried to make it more attractive, but it still looks pretty much like plastic grass.  There are better, easier on the eyes options if you need non skid material.  Outdoor rugs or carpet would be a far better choice.  They are now made to be resistant to fading and often have a polymer backing to ensure no sliding.  If you are into the recycling practice, ask your contractor to find a rug or carpet that has been made from reused products.  They are pretty easy to find.

Another outdoor floor covering you simply can't overlook is tile.  Beautiful tile can be found made of ceramic, glass, and even metal.  When properly installed, you can guarantee that an outdoor tile floor will last for years.  With the amazing number of colors, designs, and even shapes of tile, you and your contractor won't have any trouble really making your outdoor floor into something special. 

The type of outdoor floor covering you choose is up to you.  From linoleum to tile, the sky is the limit.  Your job is to make sure it looks good and is up to the durability challenge. 

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