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New Rancher Home Plans: Modern and Stylish

New Rancher Home Plans: Modern and Stylish

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December 21, 2007

The new rancher home plans are stunning examples of modern architecture, but interestingly still have some of the same features of the original western ranchers.  They are usually one floor and have wide open rooms. But the new ranchers were originally designed to accommodate a very modern invention - the family car.  Ranchers have attached garages although almost homes built today have that feature also.

The whole point of developing the rancher style was to create a house with wide open floor plans and welcoming ambiance.  Originally designed to be utilitarian and practical, the new rancher home plans still follow the same theme using a modern flair.  Rancher homes distinguishing characteristics include the following.

• Single floor
• Low pitch roofs
• Glass doors in back
• Often built long and narrow, or L-shaped or U-Shaped
• Patio or deck
• Open floor plan

New Rancher Home Plans

Though ranchers are built with a single floor, new ranchers are designed to accommodate the terrain.  For example, you can buy floor plans for a full basement rancher, a hillside rancher or a basement rancher.    The rancher style is very popular with senior citizens who aren't interested in climbing stairs.  They are also popular floor plans for families with young children, physically challenged people and people who simply like houses with large and spacious rooms.

Many modern style homes that aren't ranchers often have rooms that are small and enclosed.  The floor plan is fairly complicated with odd sized rooms and lots of stairs.  The new rancher home plans are ideal for people who like rooms to be spacious and access from room to room to be simple.  But other features of ranchers include lots of windows creating a sense of airiness and different themes.  Themed homes are styles adapted to the rancher style.  For example, you can buy a Colonial rancher.

One feature that has changed between the old and the new ranchers is the degree of adornment. The original ranchers had very little gingerbread or style.  They were quite plain both inside and out.  Some new rancher home plans are almost difficult to identify as ranchers, because they have so much styling.  If you are thinking about building a new home, the new rancher home plans are ideal for almost any family need. 

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