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Choosing Natural Garden Pond Additions

Choosing Natural Garden Pond Additions

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April 29, 2008

The ancient Asian culture tells us that water has long been a symbol of rejuvenation and used for relaxation.  There is little wonder that so many people have chosen to use this element in their backyards for the beauty and appeal of it.  Garden ponds are fairly simple to install yourself and, as they have gained popularity, are quite affordable as well.  These ponds are a nice way to add a bit of nature to your world. Natural garden pond additions can make a tremendous difference in the cleanliness and beauty of your pond, so read on to learn more about these features.

Water is nothing if not dramatic.  You will have to add a store bought filter to your garden pond, but why not help it along with the addition of a waterfall?  You, your family, and your guests will find the sound of falling water soothing, and it will add another element to your garden pond.  The fall will also prevent the water from becoming stagnant and help the filter to do its job more productively.  It will also ensure a higher oxygen level in the water of the pond, preventing some of the more hazardous bacteria from forming.

Natural Garden Pond Additions

You don't have to stop at just a waterfall either.  Plants can be a huge benefit to your pond filter and add elegance and beauty as well.  The most common choice of plant for yard ponds is the water lily, of course.  They provide shade for your fish if you have any in the water, and also work hard to keep the pond water clean.  There are other plants that live easily in garden ponds and using some of those will ensure that your water lilies aren't lonely.  It's also a good decorating idea to have more than one style plant in your pond.

With these natural garden pond additions, you can be sure you will have years to enjoy the comfort of your pond investment.  Once you have the system established, regular maintenance is quick and easy to perform. 

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