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Modern Entry Doors Provide Security With Style

Modern Entry Doors Provide Security With Style

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October 6, 2010

Doors have been in use ever since early man moved out of caves. Today's common doors are not much different in design or function than the doors of biblical times or the Middle Ages. However, a trend to modern entry doors is being driven by two powerful motivators--style and security.

Safety First With a Modern Entry Door

Modern entry doors, constructed of space-age materials such as stainless steel and tough plastics, can withstand assaults that would shatter conventional doors. There is also the fact that such a futuristic-looking door provides a striking style statement to anyone approaching it. Add to the door construction an equally sturdy door frame and hardware, and your home becomes an impregnable fortress.

Technology and the Modern Entry Door

Advances in security technology can also be incorporated in the modern entry door and programmed to open only to certain individuals, based on criteria such as fingerprints or iris scans. This technology was developed for high security government and industry installations, but is now available to the public.

Modern Entry Doors Accommodate Tradition

For those who prefer the traditional look, modern entry doors can be found with a steel core under a wood or wood-grain fiberglass exterior. This provides the high security of a modern entry door with a style that fits into more traditional architecture. High-impact plastic can also substitute for glass panels to allow light in while maintaining security.

Not all modern entry doors are so sophisticated, however. If security is not a concern, you can purchase an easily affordable new entry door with modern design and materials that will update your entryway and give your home a fresh look.

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