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Great Master Bedroom Bath Designs Cater to All Your Needs

Great Master Bedroom Bath Designs Cater to All Your Needs

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January 4, 2007

Your master bedroom is not only a bedroom, but is your personal retreat in your home. So, your master bedroom bath designs should be an extension of this retreat. Remember, it's your master bathroom design, so it should meet all of your needs.  Creating designs that are more spacious and accommodating are two important factors for the master bath.  Practical features for daily use and spa-like relaxation additions are now being combined in many master bath plans to provide the ultimate design, and the best retreat for you.

Finding Balance in Your Design

So how does one achieve such a combination? As you plan and layout the room concentrate on your two main goals: functionality and practicality.  Once you know the layout and size of the space where the master bath will go, you're ready to begin planning.  What's the best way to achieve balance between essential aspects and luxury additions? Just keep in mind all the parts of your master bathroom design that appeals to your everyday basic needs first and then incorporate the luxury items to accompany them.

Planning the layout of your master bath is critical for both function and enjoyment. A professional designer can really help in this area.  The latest trend is for large, open bathroom spaces. This allows couples more space to complete essential morning tasks without getting in each other's way. Separate vanities are also a great design option for couples and allows each person their own space. Many master bedroom bath designs now design an open space leading directly into walk-in closets.

One of the most important decisions you will have to make in the master bedroom bath designs is the type of shower and tub you want to install.  Do you want a separate tub and shower, a combination of the two or just a shower? Combination showers can even have a steam option for luxury purposes. Or you can incorporate a shower with separate tub with water jets for a hot tub feel indoors. Many people opt for a shower, which is practical, and a luxury bathtub for when they want to relax.

Anyone Can Afford to Incorporate Luxury Items in Their Design

Before making final decisions on your design check out all your options. There are many great new features for bathtubs, showers, and whirlpools.  Newer and more efficient luxury appliances are now being made at reasonable prices and are giving homeowners spa-like choices that have not been previously available to the average homeowner.

In general, master bedroom bath designs are no longer a small space with a tub/shower combo and a toilet.  More and more master bedroom bath designs are being created to make a place to unwind, pamper yourself and relax.  Combine those functions with practical designs for the busy mornings before work and you'll have a winning master bedroom bath design.

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