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Local Contractors: Making The Right Choice

Local Contractors: Making The Right Choice

Looking For a Local Contractor Fast?

October 16, 2006

Making a choice from a long list of local contractors for your remodeling project can seem daunting. Your telephone directory might have pages upon pages of choices. Choosing the right contractor for your project, whether it be big or small, is important and can save you time and money as well as determine the quality of work.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a local contractor:

  1. The number of years they have been in business. Everyone has to start somewhere but a contractor with a good track record can ease your mind with a project.

  2. Your neighbors' experiences. Have your neighbors had any work done recently? What did they like or dislike about the contractor they chose?
  3. Local Contractors

  4. The contractor's financing terms. Does your contractor need a large amount of operating capital before the work begins? How comfortable are you with paying a large amount of money before you see any results? Chances are that they will need a percentage of the total amount up front but familiarize yourself with the financial terms of more than one contractor before making your choice.

  5. The contractor's referrals. How many referrals is your contractor willing to provide? Don't just take a long list as a reason to choose them. Call the referrals and if possible, ask if you can stop by and see the work.

When you've chosen local contractors to work on your house or business, be sure that you visit the job site periodically to ensure that agreed upon milestones are being met. You do have to have a certain degree of flexibility on job deadlines but things should overall be on schedule. Your local contractor should keep you aware of the progress and any major problems with the project.

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