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Installing Linoleum Plank Floors in Your Home

Installing Linoleum Plank Floors in Your Home

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March 18, 2008

While so many homes have wooden floors it seems these days, many people are coming to rely on linoleum plank floors to finish off their look.  Unlike wood or other natural fibers, these floors have a vast number of benefits - they're hypoallergenic, antistatic in many cases, as well as available in numerous colors.  Many families prefer linoleum plank floors over other types of floors as well as they are easy to clean and keep clean, often a preferred type of flooring for medical facilitates and day care centers for those very reasons.

There are a number of rooms that would be perfect for linoleum plank floors - your child's room, a playroom, the kitchen, etc.  Choose rooms that are typically going to get dirty more quickly and you will find that these floors are actually going to help you reduce your overall cleaning time, while also helping you maintain a neater and more polished appearance.  The linoleum is also a lot softer, so children and pets can play on these floors without hurting themselves as easily.

Linoleum Plank Floors

When you are ordering the linoleum plank floors, be sure to choose a larger size than what you think you will need. This will help you ensure that you get enough material as well as some leftovers to help you with any incorrect measurements or oddly fitting pieces.  Measure the area a few times before you finally trim the pieces down to size and lay them into place before you apply the adhesive to the underside.  This way, you can make any corrections before everything is sealed into place.

Add the adhesive to the underside of the linoleum plank floors and then allow to dry for as long as recommended.  This will ensure that your pieces stay in place and that you have lined up your measurements correctly.  Make sure too that you keep a few extra pieces of linoleum so that you can make repairs if the pieces should get damaged in any way.

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