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Learning How to Measure for Replacement Windows

Learning How to Measure for Replacement Windows

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July 6, 2009

Of all of the goals most people have for their homes, replacement windows are often very high up on the list.  Having replacement windows installed increases the value of the home, improves the amounts of utility bills, and makes climate control much easier inside the house.  In order to make sure your window replacement project goes well, there are some key elements you need to ensure are taken care of properly.  One of the biggest ones is learning how to measure for replacement windows.  You will also need to find the best deal on the windows and find a good contractor to be sure your home is properly cared for and the windows will last as long as they are intended to.  Let's start with the first task, learning how to measure for replacement windows.

How to Measure for Replacement Windows

The process of how to measure for replacement windows is much like measuring for any other square or rectangle shaped space.  You will first have to measure the width of the window opening.  It's important to measure at the top, in the middle, and from the bottom.  Home improvement experts recommend using the smallest dimension in your calculations.  Next, you will need to determine the height of the windows needed.  Once again, there are a few measurements to take.  Work from the right, left, and middle to reach the accurate measurement.  If it's just too confusing or you are uncertain of your estimations, let your contractor take care of this job for you.  He or she will definitely be able to determine size faster and with more accuracy than you can.

Knowing how to measure for replacement windows is a nice skill to have, but far more important is knowing how to pick the right contractor for the job.  Be sure to spend some time with a few contractors before you make the decision to hire one.  You will also want to ask the right questions about things like insurance and business licenses.  A few minutes spent on these important questions will ensure that your replacement windows are done right. 

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