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Learning How to Calculate Rafters

Learning How to Calculate Rafters

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August 3, 2007

If you're looking to add rafters to your home, whether on your own or with professional help, you need to learn how to calculate rafters and their sizes to see what will work best for you.  The point is that rafters come in all different sizes.  While some will work better for larger homes, this is not always the case in smaller homes or smaller rooms.  How to calculate rafters and their sizes is the first step that you need to take.

Chances are good that you probably already have a good idea of how you want your rafters to fit into your home.  With this knowledge, you can begin to learn how to calculate rafters and their appropriate sizes.  Measure the length of the room first to see how long you need to have the rafters in order to be congruent with the look you want.  But after that, how do you calculate the width that will work for you? 

How to Calculate Rafters

The width is usually the trickiest part of how to calculate rafters for your home.  Because your room will have a different dimension than another's room, you need to make sure you are looking at the overall placement of the rafters to see what will be just right and what will be overwhelming.  There's also the concern of how wide the rafters might need to be if you are trying to support a ceiling or another feature at the same time.  You will need wider rafters in order to do so, but not so wide that they are difficult to secure to the ceiling.

This is where most homeowners begin to realize that they need a professional that already knows how to calculate rafters for your home.  They will be able to come out to your house, talk to you about what you want, take some measurements, and then help you determine what will work best.

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