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One Step At A Time?Learn How To Frame A Soffit

One Step At A Time?Learn How To Frame A Soffit

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September 7, 2007

Anyone doing their own construction needs to learn how to frame a soffit.  Soffit will actually be needed in several areas of the house.  You will definitely need vented soffit on your roof, but you may also need soffit on a porch overhang.  In addition, soffit is often used in kitchens to hang cabinets and finish the space between the cabinets and the ceiling.  You can find soffits in other rooms also, such as the basement or family room where wiring or plumbing needs to be hidden in order to give the room a finished look.

Soffits are important to interior finish, but they don't contribute anything to structural support.  They are used to nail cabinets to so the cabinets are the right height.  They are also used to box in plumbing pipes, duct work or even flaws in construction.   In some cases, people may decide to add soffits simply because they like the look of drywall covered soffits for interior finish.
Soffits may also be used for lights.  Soffits are used in rooms like kitchens or family rooms to hold extra lighting. 

How to Frame a Soffit

It's easy to learn how to frame an interior soffit.  You simply build a ladder type structure made of parallel 2 x 2 studs with 2x 2 studs every 16 inches.  The studs form the structure for hanging the drywall.  Lighting wires can be run on the inside of the soffit structure and the light fixtures hung in the cutouts in the drywall.

You can also learn how to frame a two-sided and three-sided soffit depending upon the shape of the room where construction or remodeling is taking place.   Framing soffit is not difficult, but you do need to insure you keep the parallel studs even.  You can do this by snapping a chalk line for aligning the studs.

Learning how to frame a soffit for a roof is a little more complicated, but still not difficult.  The roof soffit not only finishes the space between the roof framing and the house, it holds venting to keep the attic cool.  The roof framing extends past the house, and the soffit is the flat board or vinyl applied to the underside.

Roof soffit is the underside of soffit framing, and the straight up and down section is called fascia.  When you learn how to frame a soffit, you master the techniques needed to frame straight soffit lines, add fascia, install vents and trim corners. 

In both interior soffit framing and roof soffit framing, you can add crown molding for a finished look. 

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