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The Basics of Landscaping Around a Deck

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May 14, 2008

There is something really special about the space between your deck and the beginning of your yard.  You don't want to leave this area bare as it doesn't create a seamless flow from the deck to your yard.  Landscaping around a deck is a very important aspect of outdoor design.  It really isn't hard to do and you can look at it as another way to make your home reflect your personal taste and style more fully.  For someone who has never done this kind of work before it can seem a bit overwhelming.  To help you out here are a few tips and hints that should make it easier.

The first thing you want to do is take a look at the soil around your deck.  All dirt types aren't created equally and you want to make sure yours is up to the challenge of growing healthy, good looking plants and foliage.  Depending on what you find, you might want to modify your plant selection accordingly.  Grab a sample of the dirt in a zip lock bag and take it with you to the nursery if you are unsure of what plants would be appropriate.  The employees won't have any problem helping you pick the right ones. 

Landscaping Around a Deck

If your deck sits above the ground, add some lattice work around the base of deck.  This helps to create a more uniform look and makes a great background for your soon to be planted flowers and plants.  It's also a good idea to pick plants that have different blooming times.  That way, you can guarantee you will have vivid colors and visual interest in your yard from early spring to late fall.  Once again, if you don't know enough about the plants yourself, your local green house will be able to help you out with that planning.

The key element in landscaping around a deck is to pick the plants you like and feel more comfortable looking at day in and day out.  Make this space your own just like you would with any other area of your home. 

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