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Tips for Landscaping Above Ground Pools

Tips for Landscaping Above Ground Pools

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August 29, 2006

Turn your backyard into a haven with these great ideas for landscaping above ground pools.

As you look out to your backyard, the first thing that catches your eye is your pool. It's not pleasantly appealing. More like something someone just set there without thought or planning. There it sits above the ground….out of place and dull. Landscaping above ground pools can seem difficult. The problem is that the pool is above ground and breaks the continuity of your general landscape.

One step to improve the look of your above ground pool and to create a more natural and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere is to improve the entire perimeter where your pool is placed. Adding things like shrubs, walls, trees and plants can help to improve the look of your pool area and the entire lot. Create a general theme for your lot and then continue this theme as you begin landscaping above ground pool's immediate area.

Landscaping Above Ground Pools

Planting trees and shrubs in big pots and placing them strategically around the pool area can add interest and improve the landscape. Adding a privacy fence around the perimeter of your area will also help to give continuity to the landscape. Combining the addition of the fence with a good plant theme can do wonders for your dull and boring above ground pool. You"ll want to make sure the fence you install compliments and adds to your exterior theme.

Adding outdoor furniture can also help to bring the landscape together. Outside figurines may be another solution. Another way to even further enhance this area is to add lighting.

Landscaping above ground pools by building a deck connecting your home to your pool area is a beautiful and functional way to create balance and style. You can have different levels of the deck, thus allowing your above ground pool to blend seamlessly into your other landscape. Remember the key to effective landscaping is balance and continuity. Get creative and choose pieces that harmonize with your pool and the rest of your home.

Whether you decide to start a swimming pool addition, or something completely different, take the time to think about how you want to invest in your home. Start a swimming pool addition by receiving free estimates on your project, or check out our other home remodeling ideas to find the project that's best for you.

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