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Landscape Edging for Walkways ? Keeping the Grass Away

Landscape Edging for Walkways ? Keeping the Grass Away

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September 20, 2007

Sometimes it seems like grass will only grow where you don't want it to grow, like on sidewalks and walkways.  Landscape edging for walkways serves more than one purpose including keeping the grass from invading landscaped areas and adding to the overall landscaping theme.  There are many types of landscape edging styles to choose among.

Landscape edging for walkways gives a yard a finished appearance that reflects great style.  There are numerous types of edging products on the market made of plastic or wood.  Most edging products have pieces already connected or that can be connected simply by sliding the pieces together.  This prevents the edging from moving around after it has been placed along the walkway.  You can also create your own walkway edging using materials you buy yourself such as bricks or railroad ties.

Landscape Edging for Walkways

Following is just a short list of some of the options for landscape edging for walkways:

• Brick laid upright or on the long edge
• Wood pieces cut with rounded tops
• Continuous concrete edging
• Locking PVC pieces
• Wood pieces linked with wire
• Continuous PVC rolls
• Natural looking stones

This is not a complete list by any means, but gives an idea of the variety of landscape edging options.  Concrete or flat brick landscape edging can serve an additional purpose by creating a mower strip.  Edging can be used along driveways, sidewalks, landscape islands, decks and patios and anywhere else you need to keep the grass out and landscaping material, like bark or decorative rocks, from getting into the yard.

When you are trying to decide on which of the options for landscape edging for walkways will work best for you, take into consideration the difficulty of installation and the durability of the product.  PVC edging will have to be replaced periodically, whereas brick will endure for an unlimited number of years.  Eventually wood edging will deteriorate, but stones will last as long as brick.

Most wood and PVC options are designed for easy installation.  You can take a hoe and cut into the ground and then lay the edging in the hole. Pre-molded continuous concrete edging can be purchased in sections and simply laid in a very shallow trench end to end.  When you lay brick and stones upright, you'll need to dig the trench deep enough to maintain the upright position of the brick or stone after you fill the trench in again.

Landscape edging for walkways adds a finished look to any yard while serving a very practical purpose.  It's easy to install and keeps your yard looking nice and tidy.

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