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Kitchen Remodeling Tricks for the Small Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Tricks for the Small Kitchen

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October 26, 2010

Is your kitchen 150 square feet or smaller? If it is, the National Kitchen and Bath Association considers your space a small kitchen. But just because your kitchen has a certain floor space doesn't mean it can't look like a much larger area with a few tips and tricks from the professionals.

Kitchen Remodeling for Space and Comfort

When it comes to your small kitchen, storage is key. Making spaces do double-duty can not only improve the space you have left over, but can make your kitchen much more functional and easier to use. The trick is to improve the space you have while making it look like you have much more room than you really do. Here's how to make that illusion a reality:

  • Start with your cabinets. Rooms with darker kitchen cabinets and surfaces will appear to be smaller than those with lighter woods, whimsical paints, and open shelves. Small cabinets at the top of the kitchen can make the room look shorter, so lengthen it by using long pantry cabinets instead.
  • Place appliances wisely. Instead of opting for a stovetop and separate oven, try a combination of the two to save on space. Build the microwave into the cabinets to keep the area streamlined and provide you with more counterspace. Can't do that? Opt for an appliance garage to keep the small appliances hidden away.
  • Choose a few small, personal items. Even when you are opting for an open and airy feel, those small personal items will add the right cozy touch to balance out the room. That clock you brought back from Italy or that mirrored picture of your kids or your spouse sitting on the windowsill in front of the white curtains can be the perfect touches to show your claim to the space.
  • The more light, the better. Natural lighting is great for making any small space seem larger. If you can fit a skylight into your kitchen remodeling budget, even better. The natural light can flood the space, and ambient lighting under the kitchen cabinets can help add more visual interest.

Let your kitchen contractor know what your plans are for your small kitchen, and work with a kitchen designer to choose the right materials and placement to create the most out of your small space.

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