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Using Kitchen Design Ideas To Create Your Pefect Space

Using Kitchen Design Ideas To Create Your Pefect Space

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September 8, 2006

Tips to help you create a kitchen that looks good and works well.

To get kitchen design ideas that provide both function and good looks takes more than money. You need a basic understanding of how to plan your kitchen floor plan, incorporate appliances and add your own personality to your new kitchen.

There is a lot to think about when you plan a kitchen, and it's important to plan the new room right since a kitchen is often the most used room in the house. Just remember, your perfect kitchen is going to be a kitchen that is planned to meet your needs. A kitchen design idea and plan that's perfect for you might not work for someone else. Your lifestyle and your likes and dislikes are what should become the basis for your new kitchen.

The layout or floor plan of your kitchen will help to make the kitchen be a functional room as well as an enjoyable space. Efficient use of kitchen space depends more on how it's laid out than how big the space is. Even a small area has great potential, with the right kitchen layout.

A kitchen can be any shape or size. For optimum efficiency and enjoyment, the work triangle of a kitchen must be considered as the layout is designed. The work triangle of a kitchen involves storage, preparation and cooking. These are the three primary work functions of a kitchen's design.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Six basic layouts accommodate the work triangle for a functional kitchen. The l-shaped layout is very versatile. Units and appliances are arranged on two adjacent walls thus creating a work triangle protected from through traffic.

The u-shape has three walls for units and appliances uninterrupted by through traffic. Make sure if you're using the u shape to leave enough room between facing units to allow people to work without cramping each other.

The island layout is a larger version of the l- or u-shaped kitchen with an additional workspace in the middle. The peninsula is a flexible layout. A short arm juts out into the room dividing the cooking area from the eating area.

For smaller spaces, the one-wall design or double galley design with units lined along facing walls can work quite well. The important factor in this design is to position the sink and stove on one side with the refrigerator and storage space on the other side.

Once you've designed the layout of your kitchen design ideas, then it's simply a matter of applying your chosen style and theme to the flooring, cabinets, countertops and backsplashes of your kitchen. This is where your own personality can be interjected to create a space that displays your unique personality. Then, you'll have a brand new, completed, perfect kitchen made just for you! 

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