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Kitchen Design: Hot Summer Trends

Kitchen Design: Hot Summer Trends

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August 11, 2010

Design experts report that emerging trends can be seen in kitchen remodeling for 2010.

  • Green kitchen remodeling: There is a growing trend toward environmentally friendly kitchen designs that incorporate energy saving features and water conservation. Green products are becoming cheaper and more stylish, making it easier to incorporate green ideas into a low-budget kitchen design.
  • Kitchens as living spaces: Kitchen remodeling projects are increasingly blurring the lines between a home's kitchen and its living areas because families and friends often gather in the kitchen. Kitchen designs are increasingly focused on multitasking, incorporating features such as built-in workspaces for supervised homework, sorting mail, or looking up recipes online. For those with a bigger budget, designers predict more kitchen makeovers that create a large kitchen/living area by removing internal walls and incorporating living-room style furniture.
  • Technology: More and more time saving and convenience products are available and consumers are increasingly including advanced technology into their kitchen design.
  • Choice: Consumers have a greater range of options than ever, particularly in the middle ground, so that kitchen remodeling does not have to be a choice between expensive, high-end products or cheaper products that lack the WOW factor. Everyone is feeling the financial pinch, so a greater range of kitchen prices is good news for the consumer.
  • Storage: Kitchen designs include ever more innovative storage ideas to keep the kitchen looking tidy and uncluttered. Built-in, hidden appliances likewise make the kitchen a tidy, attractive living space.

Whether your kitchen remodel is purely design-driven or driven by economic, ergonomic, or environmental considerations, your local kitchen contractor can help you to bring your kitchen ideas to life.

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