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Adding Flair to Your Kitchen With Kitchen Counters and Breakfast Bars

Adding Flair to Your Kitchen With Kitchen Counters and Breakfast Bars

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November 13, 2006

Kitchen counters and breakfast bars add a lot of style and flair to a kitchen, not to mention their practical side too. A good, durable kitchen counter will remain attractive for many years, adding to the value of your house. A well-designed breakfast bar also adds to the value of your home because it creates a convenient place to sit and grab a snack or simply visit with others in the kitchen.

Many different kinds of materials can be used for kitchen counters and breakfast bars. Granite, slate, solid surface or ceramic tile are just a few examples. A lot of homeowners choose to use different materials or textures for each item, which creates opportunities to mix and match colors and textures for decorative effect.

Kitchen Counters and Breakfast Bars

There is an important practical side to kitchen counters and breakfast bars that you should consider carefully. For example, the kitchen is a place where there is typically a lot of activity so it is important to select counter materials that are durable as well as attractive. Different materials require different kinds of ongoing care, so think about that as well. Because of the high level of activity in a typical kitchen, the location of the breakfast bar can have a great impact. Properly located it serves as a convenient eating spot but improperly located it can disrupt the traffic flow or make it difficult to work in the kitchen itself.

Think about how you plan to use your kitchen and breakfast bar. Do you have children or grandchildren who will use the breakfast bar? If so, you might not want to make the bar higher than a basic counter top so they can easily get in and out of the chairs. Do you plan to use your kitchen counters and breakfast bar for many different purposes? If so, then consider choosing materials that are easy to maintain and a design that allows plenty of space for the activities you want to do. When you plan ahead and create a good design, kitchen counters and breakfast bars can be a valuable addition to your home.

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