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The Multitude of Choices for Kitchen Counters and Breakfast Bars

The Multitude of Choices for Kitchen Counters and Breakfast Bars

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January 2, 2007

If there is one place to splurge when you build or remodel your kitchen it is on the counters and breakfast bars.  These areas get more of a workout than any other area in the home.  You want to make sure you choose the type of material that's best for your family's lifestyle and your architectural style.

The ultimate splurge for kitchen counters and breakfast bars is granite.  It's costly but the benefits of using granite can often outweigh this pricy investment.  Granite is very strong and dense.  It resists almost all staining, scratches and burns.  Your entire counter becomes an excellent chopping block and hot plate. 

Another rather pricey natural stone is marble.  However, marble can be more problematic than it's worth.   Most grades of marble stain easily, yellows over time and is difficult to keep clean on a daily basis.  Both marble and granite kitchen counters and breakfast bars need a strong support base to handle the weight of the natural stone.

Kitchen Counters and Breakfast Bars

Other styles of kitchen counters and breakfast bars that are gaining in popularity are synthetic solids.  Synthetic solids are made to look like a single sculptured unit.  Even backsplashes can be incorporated so that it looks like there are no seams.  This new type of countertop is moderately priced and very durable.  They are made in a wide variety of styles and colors, some of which imitate natural stone.

Tile is another favorite for kitchen counters.  Ceramic, granite or marble is available.   When installed properly tile can be a very effective and durable surface. 

The least expensive and most often used type of kitchen counters and breakfast bars is laminates.  They are available in a huge number of colors and finishes.  They are durable and fairly stain resistant.  The most common problems with laminate are burns and chipping.  They can be difficult to repair. 

Again, as you choose from these various types of materials, it is important to consider your lifestyle and the level of maintenance and durability each material requires. With good cleaning and maintenance the counters you choose will be long-lasting.  Spending a bit more initially can save you a bundle down the road.

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