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Keeping Dry with Storage Shed Ventilation

Keeping Dry with Storage Shed Ventilation

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September 14, 2007

There are all kinds of storage sheds, and they have one thing in common.  Storage shed ventilation is important to any shape or kind of shed.  It's the ventilation that keeps the shed dry, cool and protects its contents from excess moisture.

There are all kinds of sheds - big and small and in unlimited styles.  They are used to hold garden or farm implements, yard tools, Christmas decorations, animal feed, lawn mowers, pool maintenance equipment, fertilizer and hundreds of other items.  No matter what is stored though, it's important to keep the air in the shed cool and dry.

Storage shed ventilation is used to pull moist and stale air out of the shed.  Without some kind of ventilation system, moisture would collect and ruin anything stored. The complexity of the ventilation system depends upon the size of the shed and the primary storage purpose.

Storage Shed Ventilation

Some larger sheds are actually used as working or hobby buildings.  The ventilation in these buildings will not necessarily need to be more effective than ventilation in a shed used strictly for bicycle or tool storage.  But nonetheless, ventilation is required in either situation.

Smaller garden sheds come with two primary kinds of ventilation.  The first is windows or vents that allow a natural ventilation system to work.  As air pressure changes, air is forced in and out of the vents.

But some storage shed ventilation is a little more complex.  Some sheds have fans that can be turned on to pull hot air and moisture out of the building.  The fans are extremely effective in a smaller shed.  Larger storage shed ventilation may have more than one fan.

By far the most common storage shed ventilation is windows.  But the electric or solar powered ventilation fans provide regular air circulation that removes worries about moisture and mold buildup.  Fans also make sure the internal temperature of the shed doesn't get too high due to heat.

If you prefer, the ventilation fans can be tied to a thermostat.  They come on when the temperature reaches a certain degree.  Or you can choose to install the fans that you manually switch on as necessary.

Storage shed ventilation can be overlooked until that first time you step into a building over 100 degrees on the inside or one that has built up moisture.  It can ruin many stored items unless you ventilate properly.

Most sheds come with windows or vents, but it's almost always possible to add more effective ventilation if necessary.  Fans or additional vents can be installed for example.

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