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Is Your Home on the Market? A Painting Contractor and Lawncare Specialist Can Help You Sell

Is Your Home on the Market? A Painting Contractor and Lawncare Specialist Can Help You Sell

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June 23, 2010

Buying a home is like courting: If you don't like the first impressions, the relationship is doomed at the outset. As a home seller, you hope that realtor's client in the car driving by your house wants to set up a "date" with your home.

Curb appeal can help you land that date. A good painting contractor and some pre-planning on lawncare are needed before the listing contract is signed. Use a combination of your own sweat equity and professional services to save money. For example:

  • If your house needs little more than paint for the trim and the fence, gather the family. Your teens can handle the fence. You (and your brother-in-law) can do the house trim.
  • If the whole house needs paint, get bids from three licensed contractors. Check their references and their status with the Better Business Bureau and the Registrar of Contractors.
  • If your deck looks worn, rent a sander, then treat it with polyurethane or a waterproof sealant.
  • Change to soft, neutral hues--eggshell, tans, warm grays-- inside and out. Your raspberry and green decor is not likely to blend with your purchaser's decor. Ditto the bright pink exterior. Neutrals maximize your selling chances.
  • Another cost-saving choice is to hire a painting contractor but to handle the lawncare yourself.
  • Give your yard a custom-landscaped look by creating much larger borders and gently curved lawn edges.
  • You don't have to replant. Use bark or ornamental rocks for the enlarged border.
  • Reseed bare spots, weed, and treat for moles or other pests.

If your home is in otherwise good shape, and a painting contractor can give it the "eye candy" that creates an edge in closing a sweetheart deal!

About the author: Suzanne Clemenz designed her passive solar home and remodeled two others. She worked with architects and contractors on floorplans, electrical, painting, windows, flooring installations, flood prevention walls and stonework, major drainage issues, an irrigation system and landscaping.

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