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Installing Basement Replacement Windows

Installing Basement Replacement Windows

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October 26, 2006

New basement windows improve your home's value, energy efficiency and appeal.

If your basement windows have drafts, leaks or often get covered with moisture, it's probably time for you to consider installing basement replacement windows. Installing new windows can reduce energy costs, improve your home's value and prevent other problems from occurring down the road. A basement window also acts as the barrier that prevents water, pests and rodents from entering your basement, so making sure you have windows that truly work to keep these things out is essential.

Choosing the right replacement windows is an important step when installing new basement windows. If you install the wrong kind of replacement window it's possible you'll see little, if any, of the kind of improvements you were expecting. Sure, they'll look better, but the functionality may not be at the level it should be. To make sure that you pick the right windows take a look at the kind of windows you have now, and look at the new options that are available for replacements.

Choosing Basement Replacement Windows 

As you are examining your current basement windows you may notice that they are single paned. Upgrading to a double pane window with a high insulation value is a great choice. If you've taken the time to insulate your home and your finished basements walls, why not make sure your windows are equally as insualted. Don't let cold air seep into your basement, install windows that have a high R value. The higher the R value of your new windows, the better the insulation value will be for you.

You'll also need to decide the material of your new windows.  Vinyl windows are a good choice for installing basement replacement windows because they are rust, rot and mildew resistant. They are also termite proof. Many homeowners also prefer this type of window because once it is installed it is practically maintenance free. While other replacement window materials are available, vinyl windows are becoming an industry standard. You'll have lots of color and style options to choose from, so you'll be able to match your new windows to your current decor.

Ready to Start Your Window Installation?  

Once you choose the type of new windows you want for your basement, you'll be ready to start the installation process. This is where the average homeowner may want to call on the professionals to make sure their window installation project is completed correctly. If you don't feel comfortable embarking on this project yourself, hire a local contractor to do the job for you.  They'll be able to assist you with your choices, and bring an invaluable level of knowledge to the table to ensure that you get the results you want from your window installation.

You can start your window replacement today by receiving free estimates from local windows contractors now! For more information on window replacement projects or for other home remodeling tips check out more articles.

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