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Indoor Air Quality Check Off List - Checking it Twice!

Indoor Air Quality Check Off List - Checking it Twice!

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February 19, 2008

The indoor air quality check off list includes a horrifying list of bugs and insects that can make your house unhealthy despite all your diligent cleaning! That doesn't mean you can't minimize the problem, but it does mean you have to be aware of all the unseen things happening in your home. Keeping indoor air quality high should be a top priority for the safety of you and your family.

The indoor air quality check off list covers an array of little creatures and dangerous chemicals. Houses are built airtight today with windows and doors sealed and high insulation ratings. Though this is good for maintaining low energy bills, it's not always good for the air quality.

In a well built airtight house there's no place for indoor air to go except through air exchangers built into the heating and cooling systems.  But even the air exchangers don't always do the job properly if the unit is not regularly maintained. 

Indoor Air Quality Check Off List

Every time you breathe, you exhale carbon monoxide. When you cook, spray perfumes and deodorants, vacuum and polish you are releasing chemicals and unhealthy air into your house. But houses are also natural places for critters that pollute the air also including dust mites and cockroaches.

Your indoor air quality check off list should include the following as a minimum.

• Maintain proper humidity levels to discourage growth of mold and mildew and mite infestations

• Keep dust levels to a minimum through regular cleaning

• Maintain exhaust fans in high humidity rooms like the bathrooms and kitchens

• Insure the dryer exhaust system is sealed and working properly

• Keep the central air and heat unit filters clean and well maintained

• Install an air exchange system in your house for continuous air cleaning

• Keep house foundations free of cracks

• Keep the attic air ventilated

• Make sure all fireplaces are operating properly

• Regularly look for signs of mold and mildew both inside and outside the house indicating a water or air leak

• Be alert for unusual odors indicating air is getting stale

You should complete an indoor air quality check off list every month. It only takes an hour and can be crucial for maintaining good air quality in your home. One of the signs of poor house air quality is frequent attacks of asthma or allergies.

Air quality can be affected by so many different factors including condition of the house, environmental factors, regular housecleaning, the kind of air conditioner or furnace installed and many others.  When you discover a problem, try to correct it right away. 

The indoor air quality check off list can be a useful tool for making sure you keep the air your family is breathing free of pollutants. But don't forget to open all your windows periodically and let some fresh air in when possible! 

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