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3 Important Points of Creating Roof Plans

3 Important Points of Creating Roof Plans

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July 20, 2010

Your roof is more than just a barrier from the elements for your home. Your roof plans should reflect a graceful yet practical design that matches your vision of your home and reflects the family who lives underneath it. It should age well, stay beautiful throughout the years, and provide you with minimal repair headaches.

Roof Plans: Three Key Points

Whether you are working closely with an architect or putting your own roof plans together with a roof design program, you should focus on three key elements to a successful building plan:

  1. Function. The roof must be able to handle the expected elements of rain, snow, and wind. The materials chosen for the roof should be practical for the climate and weather, and should be able to withstand temporary tough conditions. The slope of the roof design should contribute nicely to proper drainage.
  2. Appearance. Your roof should look like a natural extension of the building. For instance, a modern roof would look very out-of-place on an early 1800s cabin! Keep in mind the neighborhood the home is in, the style of home you are building or renovating, and your own roof design tastes.
  3. Maintenance. Since most roofs can last at least twenty years with good maintenance, make it easy on yourself with roof plans that allow for quick repairs. An odd angle or very steep pitch might hinder your ability to make needed repairs. Those unusual details might also lead to problems with water flow off the roof or ponding in valleys. Take all of those possibilities into account when finalizing your roof plans.

Your roof design should reflect both the practical needs of your building and the style you love. Take your time with this very important project. Finally, safety should always be taken in account. If your roof project becomes too daunting, call in the roofing contractors for help.


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