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Ideas for Refacing an Old Brick Fireplace

Ideas for Refacing an Old Brick Fireplace

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April 13, 2006

Find out ways to bring new life to your fireplace.

Tired of that boring unattractive old brick fireplace? Take these ideas for refacing an old brick fireplace and make it something you'll be proud to show off to your family and friends on a cold winter night.

There are many ideas for refacing an old brick fireplace. As you delve into the options, you"ll also find ways to add your own unique style and personality.

One method is covering up your old brick with tiling. It's easy and effective. When starting the tiling process you will want to use masonry mix mud to build out any spots that are not plumbed. It is also a good idea to chip off any brick that is over hanging to give you a flat corner to work with.

Ideas for Refacing an Old Brick Fireplace

Start from the bottom up; dry lay, centering your tile or stone with the fireplace. Use spacers to level the tiles or stones as you go. It is best to use a thin set to butter your tile or stone and to trowel thin set onto the brick as well. After the proper amount of time has passed for the set to adhere and dry you then should grout the tile. Many people like to caulk around the outer perimeter to add a little more of a finished look.

With the same general ideas for refacing an old brick fireplace in mind you can also use granite, marble, or wood to add a brand new look to your not so new brick fireplace. You may need a different type of adhesive to hold these heavier types of refacing material. You local home improvement center can help you with choosing the correct adhesive for your needs.

If you are looking for more of a clean-cut contemporary style, stucco is a great alternative. It will finish out nicely. Keep in mind that stucco material is flammable so in order to use it you must use a flame resistant trim material around the opening of your fireplace such as a row of marble, stone, or even a row of brick.

If you like the brick and prefer to keep them but would still like a change, try painting the existing brick. Doing so can add warmth and will draw attention away from the age of your fireplace.

These ideas for refacing an old brick fireplace can do wonders for the feel and look of your room. Start the change now!

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