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How to Texture Paint: Turn Any Project Into a Conversation Piece

How to Texture Paint: Turn Any Project Into a Conversation Piece

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August 9, 2006

Learn how to texture paint to create unique and interesting faux finishes.

Paint with texture adds dimension, vitality and increased style to almost any painted surface. You can learn how to texture paint and use the process on almost any material. Wood, plastic, ceramic, drywall and even glass are all materials that you can use to learn how to texture paint.

The key to having a good finished project is to make sure your surface is properly cleaned, sanded and primed before you start on how to texture paint. These pre-painting steps are crucial to the quality of your finished product. Make sure you've properly sanded to ensure good adhesion.

Now we'll get on to how to texture paint. Most home improvement centers and hardware stores offer what's called silica sand. Don't use regular sand to try to texture paint, the results will not be what you expect. Silica sand is what you'll want to use to give texture to your paint. You can find it in different levels of coarseness. The level of coarseness will determine the final texture.

How to Texture Paint

It's a good idea to do a few tests before you tackle the area where you're going to paint. Learning how to texture paint is not difficult but practicing first will ensure you have the texture you want for your final project.

Another very important step of how to texture paint is to make sure not to tint the paint. Once you've applied the paint, you can then put whatever color of paint you want on the dried textured paint.

As an alternative to learning how to texture paint by making your own textured paint, you can purchase paint that has already been textured for you. Two negatives of using this paint is the fact you don't have control over the amount of texture and this paint can be expensive.

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