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How to Simplify Interior Decorating for Small Room Layouts

How to Simplify Interior Decorating for Small Room Layouts

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October 8, 2010

Color Schemes and Space Planning

As hammer and nail are to carpentry, paint and brush are the most basic and important tools of interior decorating.

For small room layouts, avoid wall colors that are too bold and stimulating, such as deep reds, oranges, and browns. These overbearing tones can become quite oppressive. Opt instead for calm, uplifting colors like pastels of yellow, blue, or green. If you prefer white-hued walls, try eggshell and cream colored paints in lieu of bright, bleachy whites.

Lighting and Small Room Design

If enough natural light enters your home or apartment to conduct everyday tasks without the aid of electricity, then your small room layout works better than most. If you need additional lighting, consider pendant chandeliers, and torchiere and etagere floor lamps. Pendant lights and certain floor lamps promote a space-saving verticality. Etagere lamps add the benefit of shelving.

Accents for Small Room Layouts

Based on what you choose for wall colors, decide on complementary accents. Beautifully draped, semi-transparent fabrics can create illusions of privacy in small spaces. Pillows and throw blankets add bold, funky, and patterned splashes of color or print to the space. If necessary, consult a color wheel for ideas on what to pair. Red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange always go well together.

Creative Storage Solutions

Perhaps one of the most challenging issues for a small space is keeping it from looking cluttered. Get creative with storage ideas, such as using hollow ottomans with hinged tops, and hanging extra shelves high up on the walls, even over windows. Items that are not used frequently can be stashed in attractive baskets or containers and placed overhead.

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