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How to Roof a Valley in 7 Easy Steps

How to Roof a Valley in 7 Easy Steps

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June 16, 2010

The roof valley is where two roofs come together at an angle. Since rainwater collects in the valley and runs down, it is important to learn how to roof a valley to avoid water leaks and other damage.

How to Roof a Valley

These seven easy steps show you how it's done:

  1. Lay a durable roofing felt or other material over the valley.
  2. Lay an 18-inch strip of metal flashing from the eaves to the ridge. Nail it down on the outer edges, making sure the flashing stays flat down the center of the valley.
  3. Apply a generous helping of roofing cement to both sides of the flashing.
  4. Lay a 36-inch strip of the roofing material over the flashing and nail it down securely on the edges.
  5. Snap two chalk lines down the valley. Start at the ridge, with the lines about six inches apart, and widen them by about one-eighth inch per foot as you go down toward the eaves. These lines will be your blueprint for adding the shingles.
  6. Dip the end of each shingle in the roofing cement for a moment to add even more protection for your valley.
  7. Nail the shingles down to the edge of the chalk lines, and cut them to fit. Remember that when you nail the shingles down, keep the nails at least six inches from the chalk lines.

When roofing a valley, it is important to take your time. Learn how to roof the valley in the most effective way, invest in top-quality materials, and take your time with precise measurements. A little patience and attention goes a long way toward making certain your roof is secure!

Finally, keep safety in mind. If you feel your roofing project is too daunting, it may be time to look for local roofing contractors for help.



About the author: Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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