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How to Repair Water Damaged Wood Floors

How to Repair Water Damaged Wood Floors

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August 15, 2006

Learn to bring your wood floors back to their original beauty after water damage.

Before you start learning how to repair wood floors there is one step that should be completed. The first step is to remove moisture from the floor if any is still present. You can do this with fans, dehumidifiers and other drying methods above and below the floor if possible. If water sits on the floor long enough, the boards will lose their shape. After the floor is completely dry it should go back to being flat depending on how long the water has been laying on the floor.

Once your floor is flat again as long as no staining has taken place you should be able to screen, fill and re-coat to fix the floor. Although, if the floor has been stained, re-finishing may be necessary. If the entire floor has water damage you most likely will want to consider sanding and refinishing to get back your wood floor's natural beauty.

When learning about how to repair water damaged wood floors, you will find that there are certain signs to look for. The remedy to your problem lies behind these signs.

How to Repair Water Damaged Wood Floors

One of the signs is cupping. If your floor is cupping you will need to sand and remove the finish. This step should only be done if another sign, buckling is not evident. There may be some minor repairs on some loose areas required but altogether as long as the wood is completely dry you can pick up and re-finish your floor.

Remember when learning how to repair water damaged wood floors, if your floor is so bad that it has buckled this is a bad sign. Buckling means your drying methods have failed because water still exists. In most cases when your wood buckles it has completely unattached itself from the sub-floor. When this happens, it is better in many professionals' opinion to let it go and start over with new flooring.

You will find that when learning how to repair water damaged wood floors, there is a point when you have to decide whether you want to try and save your flooring or simply replace it. In certain situation you could try to save it but there is no guarantee that other problems won't creep up as you go along.

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