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Let the Professionals Handle How to Remove Floor Coverings

Let the Professionals Handle How to Remove Floor Coverings

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July 9, 2008

You know you are ready to redo the floors throughout the house.  You have all of the flooring you want picked out and are ready to go.  The problem is the old floor coverings don't seem to want to go without a fight and you have no idea how to remove them.  You have already hired a professional to install the new flooring; it might be a good idea to ask him or her about floor covering removal as well.  There are certain jobs that should just be left to the professionals and deciding how to remove floor coverings is one of them.  It's never a good idea to go into any project blind, even if you aren't the one doing the work.  Here is a brief look at how flooring coverings are removed.

How to Remove Floor Coverings

You can ask how to remove floor coverings, and your contractor will very likely try to tell you.  The chances are good you will learn a whole lot more from just watching him or her anyway.  The first thing you will notice is the tools involved.  It doesn't really matter if the flooring to be removed is carpet, laminate, tile, or stone, many of the same items are used.  You will see shop towels, drywall knives, and chisel.  Don't be surprised to when your contractor pulls out a heat gun either.  Sometimes the adhesives used to install the flooring originally can be a bit stubborn about leaving the sub floor.  To be helpful, have a bucket of soapy water on hand for your help as well.

In order to be sure that your contractor is well versed in how to remove floor coverings, you will want to be sure the company you hire has experience in this type of work.  Be sure to check into references and check with the BBB about any contractor's work history before you hire them.  Most homeowners will try to use the same contractor for floor removal and for flooring installation. 

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