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Things to Know For How to Raise Ceiling Joists

Things to Know For How to Raise Ceiling Joists

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March 19, 2008

Many people with more modern homes would be forced to wonder why anyone would want to know how to raise ceiling joists.  This is because they already have cathedral ceilings and are unaware of the challenges that go along with owning an older home with eight foot flat ceilings.  Most homes built before WW II have traditional flat, lower set ceilings.  Some homeowners would prefer to have more space in the upper region of their homes.  Making the decision to raise ceiling joists can give the house a more open feeling and allow for better exposure to natural light and breezes, making it a more economical decision as well.

Before you can hire a contractor who knows how to raise ceiling joists, there is certain criterion that must be met.  You can't just start tearing your ceilings out without first checking on the stability of the house.  It has to be a safe environment for you as well as adhere to building codes.  So in order to make sure you and your house are ready for this major overhaul, make sure you have specific things in line.

How to Raise Ceiling Joists

One of the first things you should consider is the type and design of the existing ceiling and roof.  That will have a huge impact on how or if you can change the ceilings.  It is also imperative to review the condition of your home's insulation and how it can be improved. You'll want to consult a professional who will be able to inspect your ceiling and roof and give you safe options for changes.

The idea behind raising the ceiling joists is to improve the house's environmental efficiency as well as improve the appearance of the rooms.  Other factors like roof ventilation and HVAC, wiring, and plumbing lines are important to consider as well. These systems are best left to be handled by professionals. You will also have to take into account the existing paneling, paint, or wallpaper on the walls.  Those things will have to be changed or added to when the ceiling is finished.

There is a lot to consider when you learn how to raise ceiling joists, but the benefit to your home and everyday life can't be denied.  The completion of this project will raise your property value and allow for more natural sunlight to enter your home.

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