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How to Personalize Your Kitchen Renovation

How to Personalize Your Kitchen Renovation

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October 26, 2010

If you're just remodeling to flip a sale, a quick coat of paint can boost the appeal. But, if you've found your dream home and are into kitchen remodeling, contact your local contractor and go for it. Have your design plans and colors in hand, as any changes while construction is underway can be costly. When it comes to value vs. investment, the minor kitchen remodel recouped costs by 78.3%, as a national average in 2009.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Kitchen Remodel

Take these factors into consideration before choosing kitchen color:

  • Your style
  • Kitchen remodeling budget
  • Kitchen size
  • Cabinet design
  • Overall usage
  • Ease of maintenance

What's Your Style?

If you're planning a complete kitchen renovation, the sky's the limit. You can coordinate new appliances with new cabinet and wall colors. If you're just doing a quick facelift, stay within a complementary palette of your existing appliances, countertops, and fixtures. Consider the period of your home. If your kitchen has molding or raised-panel cabinet doors, take advantage of a smashing combo that accentuates these features. Two or more colors are all the rage for period kitchen remodeling.

Here are some tips to keep in mind regarding kitchen style:

  • Contemporary design: clean lines, modern colors, and minimalism
  • Country or cottage style: warm and soft pastel colors that reflect a sense of by-gone days
  • Rustic kitchens: warm, rich earth tones and reds, greens, and yellows

Price and Design Ideas

Cost depends on your budget, style, and complexity of the painting project. Save some cash by using your own labor and using leftover paint from other renovations. But, for cabinet refacing, you may want to hire a contractor.

You can also take advantage of painting techniques that give your kitchen a stylish look:

  • Paint the wall around a main focal point, such as a fireplace, with a bold color to attract more attention
  • Use faux painting, such as sponging, combing, or rag rolling to give different texture and color depths to your kitchen walls

Nowadays, most anything goes when renovating or remodeling a kitchen. Remember, it's scientifically proven that the color of a room can change your mood and appetite. If the project still seems overwhelming, consult your local contractor for ideas on kitchen colors and design.

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