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How to Make a Countertop

How to Make a Countertop

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June 19, 2006

 Countertop space is the most important part of a kitchen or bath. Especially in the kitchen, lots of counter space is a great addition. Learning how to make a countertop can save you hundreds of dollars. It's also a great weekend project for the do-it-yourselfer.

The first consideration of how to make a countertop is what will support it. If it's cabinets, your project will be relatively easy. If you're planning to have open space beneath the countertop, you"ll want to make sure each end provides sufficient support to make sure the countertop is sturdy. If you're planning a longer open area, you may need to provide support in the center of your counter.

The next step of how to make a countertop is to determine the material you will use. The most common materials for countertops usually are granite (the most expensive), next comes marble, then there's a newer less expensive countertop called synthetic solids. Synthetic solids appear to be a single sculptural unit, even though there may be seams and joints present.

The most popular and relatively inexpensive are laminate tops. Plastic laminates are available in a large number of colors, and finishes. They are durable and reasonably stain resistant.

How to Make a Countertop

If you choose laminate you can purchase, post-form countertops with the laminate pre-glued to a particleboard platform. You can get these complete with backsplash and a curved front edge. These are attached to your support from underneath using drywall screws. These are regarded as the easiest to install.

Learning how to make a countertop out of laminate is not an extremely hard job. With the right material it is simple to construct a great looking countertop. The components of a laminate countertop consist of a sheet of laminate bonded over your substrate. You must first cut some of the substrate material to fit over the cabinet run. You must then screw in strips of substrate into the bottom and the top where the cabinet framing hits. Then you must bond the laminate edges with glue and the top with special contact cement.

When working with laminate each piece used should be cut slightly bigger so when they are installed you can trim them with a router to be perfect before the next piece is applied. For a professional look when being taught how to make a countertop out of laminate, it is best to file at a 45-degree angle leaving a beveled edge.

The next step, after you have learned how to make a countertop out of laminate is to install it. If your backsplash is not in yet, wait and do it after the countertop is done. This way it will fill all of the wall gaps and is much easier. To secure the countertop into place you must drill screw through the cabinets and attach them. To put the countertop in a place where a backsplash exists or maybe you are not using one, then to simply keep gaps from appearing you must scribe the back.

After this step is accomplished, press the top into place. Then trim the hanging laminate material with a belt sander. To mark your place scribing about a fourth of an inch is preferred. Shift the countertop back into position against the wall and finish it up with securing screws though the cabinet. Not only have you learned how to make a countertop from laminate successful but you now know how to install it as well.

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