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How to Lay Carpet in a Few Easy Steps

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October 24, 2006

Learn How to Lay Carpet No Matter What Type

How to Lay Carpet

Learning how to lay carpet requires certain tools that are expensive. The best way around buying them is to rent them. Here are the tools needed to begin learning how to lay carpet:

Saw or shears, tack-less strip, masonry nails, a hammer, carpet padding, heavy scissors, a utility knife, a staple gun, duct tape, carpet, a chalk line, a row cutter, seaming tape, a seaming iron, a rolling pin, a knee kicker, a power stretcher, a trimmer, a stair tool and a gripper edge.

First you should install the tack-less strips. You must cut the tack-less strips and nail them around the perimeter of the room. The pins should be facing the wall. The next step is to install the carpet padding. Lay your padding over the strips with the indented side up and staple it.

Next you need to measure the room and cut your carpet around five inches longer than measured. Leave around two inches of carpet overlapping at walls. Trim the edges using a chalk line to get it straight.

How to Lay Carpet

Now cut some seaming tape the length of any seams. As you lay it make sure to have it centered under the seam. This is where a seaming iron will join the two pieces of carpet. Melt the adhesive and press carpet edges together over tape. Take your rolling pin to go over the seam.

Here are the last steps to learn how to lay carpet. Start in a corner with the carpet hooked to the strip. Use your kicker to push the carpet to the strip.

Your stretcher will help you get your carpet to the other wall where it will be locked into place. This is where the work seems most physical. You have to kick and stretch around the entire room.

Next trim the left over carpet at each wall. Once you are through trimming, you should push the edges in between the walls with a stair tool.

The last step is to install the gripper edge that holds the carpet, which goes under a doorway and in the center. Then you have finished learning how to lay carpet.

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