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How to Install Garden Edging ? Right the First Time!

How to Install Garden Edging ? Right the First Time!

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October 12, 2007

Installing garden edging sounds like it should be a snap, yet if you don't know some basic rules the edging will fail to stay in place over the long run.  Learning how to install garden edging is easy, and doing the job right the first time saves you having to redo it later.  In addition, there are some tips that make the job easier to ensure you get the results you expect.

How to Install Garden Edging

Though installing garden edging doesn't have to be difficult, doing it the wrong way can create a mess.  There are basic rules you should follow that will help you install garden edging so it looks like the picture you cut from the magazine.  Following are the basic rules for installing PVC, upright brick or stone, and wood edging:

• Don't buy edging that's too cheap because it will crack and break within a year or two depending on the area climate

• Buy edging that will grip the soil through design to avoid movement during the winter freeze and subsequent ground thaw

• Always dig a trench that's at least 6 inches deep.  If you go too shallow, you'll be picking your edging up off the ground

• Consider the need to mow and trim when determining the height of the edging

• Run string where you want the edging to be placed so you run straight lines or get the curves right

• Add sand to the trench for leveling

• Place the edging in the soil so that the top third will be above ground once you fill in the trench

• Don't get in a hurry; If the edging is not level then adjust the amount of sand

• Fill in the trench

Learning how to install garden edging like stone pavers or railroad ties follows essentially the same process.  Garden edging that's installed carelessly can end up being destroyed by mowers, popping up in winter, becoming a walking hazard and breaking apart.  It's better to get the advice of professionals before starting your job.   Professionals have time saving tips and can explain the pros and cons of different edging materials.

It's tough to do all that work only to have it fall apart right before your eyes. Yet it happens every day to homeowners.   Garden edging that's been installed properly will last for years. 

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